VPN is an abbreviation for “Virtual Private Network”. The aLobby supports this to setup a network between the players for Settlers 3 games. The players are connected to each other as if they were in a common network, as you know it from LAN parties.


  • Each player receives exactly one VPN key. This is automatically downloaded and installed when the aLobby is started. The player doesn't have to do anything else.
  • The registration for VPN-Keys is done only via lobby.siedler3.net.
  • Each player receives an IP address in the range 10.3.x.x. when setting up the VPN connection.
  • For the VPN connection the free software openVPN is used, which should be installed with the aLobby installation.
  • The VPN connection is automatically started by the aLobby when the program is started.
    • This automatism can be deactivated in the settings. Then you have to start the VPN connection manually before entering a game by clicking on the button in the aLobby.
  • The VPN connection is established to the Siedler3.net community server on which the server-side component is running.


  • Less interference from unstable Internet connections.
  • Own network, which is also only used for the aLobby.
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