A league cycle is a time period in which data from league games are evaluated to create a common ranking. A league cycle has a start date and time, but not necessarily an end date.

A league cycle has no name. You talk about the start date and (if available) the end date, as it is printed in the league page.

The data of past cycles can still be displayed by selecting the cycle in the league page in the upper right corner.

When the current league cycle ends - if configured by the community responsible - will be shown on the homepage of https://liga.siedler3.net

The current cycle is displayed in the top right-hand corner of the https://liga.siedler3.net website.

The league cycles are regulated by the community admins. It is up to you to decide when a cycle starts and ends.

It is possible for the community admins to end a league cycle at any time, which also deactivates the league functions in the aLobby.

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