Before starting a Settlers 3 game it is possible to define how many goods each player should have available at the start. Depending on the specification, the way of playing is strongly influenced. For example, you have to do everything to build a tool forge before starting the next issue of Winig Waren. With Many goods, on the other hand, you can build several different buildings in parallel right from the start, since more goods are available.

All players in a game receive the same inventory at the start of the game.

There are the following stocks:

  • Default
  • Low goods (lg)
  • Medium goods
  • High goods (hg)

In the aLobby you can select the stock in the window for configuring the game. By default, aLobby remembers the previous selection for the next game, so you don't have to pay attention to it if you're always playing with the same inventory.

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