Within the aLobby, twitch live-streams of Settlers 3 games can be advertised. They are displayed next to the current and open games as list in an own tab above the chat.

Please only add your own streams, not those of others who don't even stream settlers 3.

The following steps are necessary once only:

  1. Go to Forum and loggin with your account there.
  2. Go to the control centre (top right) and click there on the „aLobby“-Icon.
  3. Now enter your Twitch-Nickname in the field „Your Twitch-Nickname“ and save the settings.
    • This is NOT your complete twitch-channel-URL.
    • Example:
      • Here is

        the code you must insert into the field.

  4. Now start your stream on twitch.
    • This step is important because Twitch only publishes certain but necessary information about your stream when your stream is online.
  5. Leave the stream online for at least 10 minutes.
    • During this time, your stream will be registered in the aLobby system and a subscription will be sent to twitch. In the future twitch will inform the aLobby about the status of your stream when you go online or offline.
  6. Your stream should be visible in the aLobby up to 30 minutes after step 3.

So that your stream can be seen in the aLobby afterwards, all you have to do is go online with the stream and be present in the aLobby at the same time. The system automatically detects that you are online in both systems.

Go to the above steps 1 and 2 and then remove it in the field „Your Twitch-Nickname“ (this field must be empty). A maximum of 5 minutes later, your Twitch channel is removed from the system.

No, your stream will only be displayed if you are also online in the aLobby at the same time.


First remove your Twitch nickname from the league settings. Wait a maximum of 5 minutes. Then proceed as described in the first-time setup instructions above.

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