Abandoned towers

If you take advantage of the bug described here, you can empty previously occupied towers completely. Such an „abandoned tower“ counts as „last tower“ if all other own towers have already been captured, so that you have not lost the game yet. However, the abandoned tower no longer holds land. Exceptions are already occupied non-player towers, which do not expand their land when you convert your own tower into an abandoned one. However, you are vulnerable to attack by new towers and pioneers. The special thing about an abandoned tower is that if enemy soldiers approach it, you can tear it down, unlike occupied towers.

A popular strategy is to chase the enemy back and forth in your own country by building towers everywhere, emptying them and tearing them down when the enemy approaches the tower. This buys time so that the ally can come to your aid or so that you can produce more soldiers yourself and defend against the attack.

The bow is triggered when you additionally occupy a tower with several archers …

… and then quickly order all archers and melee fighters to abandon the tower.


Speed is the reason for the bug.

The archers leave the tower one after the other, so that there is at least one archer left in the tower when you order the melee fighter to leave as well.

The program checks if the tower would still be occupied when the melee fighter leaves.

Since this is obviously the case, the instruction is executed.

Note: If you no longer have a fully occupied tower, you cannot place new construction sites until you occupy at least one abandoned tower again.

Everything described above applies analogously to large towers and castles.

Author: maximilius

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