When I login to the aLobby I get the message I would use a proxy or a VPN - why?

The message in full:

You are using a proxy or VPN to access the aLobby. This does not comply with our rules. Please do not use these methods in order to continue playing.

The message has the following background:

The aLobby checks with every login whether the user uses a proxy or a VPN to access the internet. Since we want to deal with honest players in the community, the aLobby checks the IP of each login against various external databases to check whether the IP is contained in these. If this is the case, the login will be rejected.

This check is also for your security:

  • Malware on your system can make you unaware that you are online with a proxy. So if you get the message check your system you want to play with first.
  • Through this check we also make sure that potential attackers could compromise the aLobby and its data. This also serves the security of your data in the community.

You have to do this when you get the message:

  • Check your computer for malware.
    • Use tools like Malwarebytes or IOBit or a tool of your choice.
    • Remove every hit and keep the system clean. A new installation may also be necessary.
  • Check your internet connection.
    • Which way do you go online?
    • Contact your provider if necessary.
  • Switch off programs you consciously use to go online via proxy or VPN.

You can try to solve the problem by restarting your Internet-/WiFI-Router.

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