How can I turn off the intro of Settlers 3?


Settlers 3 starts with a nice animated intro to animate the story Settlers 3 is all about. This intro lasts several minutes and can be interrupted at any time with a mouse click.

However, it is also possible to deactivate the intro so that it is not even displayed when Settlers 3 starts. This is done as follows.


  1. Call up the Settlers 3 installation directory. In this directory is the S3.EXE but also the SETUPS3.EXE.
  2. Call up the SETUPS3.EXE by double-clicking.
  3. Confirm the request from Windows if you really want to start it.
  4. In the window that appears, switch to „Sound / Video“ and remove the check mark in front of „Intro“.
  5. Click on „Save settings“.
  6. You're done. You can now start Settlers 3 without an intro.
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