How can I get a telegram to notify me when my game in the aLobby is full?


The telegram bot written by TSK shows all currently open games of the aLobby in a telegram chat. It also shows the information about the map that is being played and how many players are already waiting for other players in the open game. The data is provided by the Settlers 3 community server.

However, the bot has another special function: you can be informed as soon as the open game you are in is full. This allows games to start faster because all players are called together, even if they are not at the PC for a short time.

To use this feature you have to enter your Telegram-ID in the aLobby. How to do this is described as follows.


  1. Go to the telegram group for the Settler 3 bot and enter the following command:
    • /telegramid
  2. The bot will tell you your telegram ID. Copy it to use it later.
  3. Now call up the Siedler3.net-Forum in your browser and log in there with your forum access.
  4. Go to the control center (top right) and click on “aLobby”.
  5. In the form that is now displayed, enter the telegram ID determined in step 2 in the “Telegram ID” field and save the form.
  6. Ready :)
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