Why am I informed in the MapBase that I have not installed the aLobby?

The message can have the following reasons:

  • You have actually not installed the aLobby.
    • Solution 1: Register for the aLobby, download the software and start the program. Then you can download the maps as described below.
    • Solution 2: Click on the download link in the message.
  • You have installed the aLobby.
    • Cause: You probably have an outdated browser that does not support direct download.
    • Solution: Use another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Vidaldi).

The aLobby offers the possibility to download Settlers 3 maps directly from the MapBase without any handling with files and to start them immediately in Settlers 3. The aLobby always downloads the latest version of the map.

There are several ways to do this:

  • Search for a map in the “New Game” dialog of the aLobby and start a game with it. At that moment the aLobby checks if you already have the map and if yes, if it is up to date - if no, it is automatically downloaded, stored in the Settlers 3 Map directory and started immediately. If you don't have the map yet, the same happens.
  • You click in the aLobby on an open game whose map you do not have. Again, the aLobby checks the map and downloads it automatically.
  • You click on the MapBase to download the map. The browser forwards the download directly to the aLobby started parallel to the browser and downloads it. Immediately afterwards a game can be started in the aLobby.

All in all it is a considerable simplification in handling map files with Settlers 3..

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