Collection and Processing of game data

The game data is captured and processed in the following steps:

  • The statistics screenshot of the game is uploaded together with further information collected by the aLobby about the gameSiedler 3 Screenshot-Uploader and saved there.
  • After a maximum of 5 minutes the data will be extracted from the screenshot.
  • After a further maximum of 5 minutes the transmitted data will be transferred to the league database.
    • The first steps are already being taken to validate the transmitted data. For example, if the league rules are violated grossly, the statistics will not be transmitted in the first place.
    • From this point in time, every player participating in the game on https://liga.siedler3.net can vote against until the time of the game's score. Only if all vote against, the game will not be evaluated in the next step.
  • What happens now depends on the transferred data:
    • If the game has ended with a winner recognized by Settlers 3 (“You have won”), then the game will be evaluated after 30 minutes[liga: rating_of_a_game as described here]] for the league.
    • If the game was finished without a winner from the point of view of Settlers 3, then the game will be judged after 3 hours[liga: rating_of_a_game as described here]] for the league.
  • As soon as the rating is completed, the ranking data of the players are updated.
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