What are tournaments?

A tournament is a competition between a limited number of players with the aim of winning.

The Settlers 3 Community provides technical possibilities for tournaments within the league. Tournaments will be played via the aLobby, the results will be made available on the league website.

A tournament has the following characteristics:

  • Each tournament is managed by a person in charge of the tournament. They do not have to participate in the tournament themselves.
  • The person in charge of the tournament determines the following information for the tournament:
    • Tournament name
      • Used on the tournament's website, in the aLobby and, if applicable, on search engines.
    • The minimum and maximum number of players for the tournament, depending on the mode selected.
    • The start time of the tournament.
      • From this point on, games can be played in the aLobby.
    • Restriction of games to random and/or setmaps.
  • The person responsible for the tournament commits himself/herself to supervising and moderating the tournament he/she has created.
  • A tournament has to be released by the Settlers 3 Community after it has been created by the person responsible for the tournament. Only when the release is complete:
    • you can access the tournament's public website
    • can players register for the tournament
  • Each tournament has its own website at https://liga.siedler3.net
    • The person responsible for the tournament can enter his or her own content on the first page.
    • Any player with a valid access to the aLobby can register for the tournament here.
  • For more information on the procedure of a tournament, see here.
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