The Coal-Bug is a property of Settler 3 that limits the transport limit for coal. The restriction depends on the number of coal consumers, i.e. iron smelter, toolmaker, goldsmith, distiller, weaponsmith, as well as the distance between coal mine and consumer. Due to the latter, it is not possible to give an exact value that serves as a limit. When the border is reached and crossed, the settlers transport very little coal. This cannot be defused by the demolition or closure of consumers. If it occurs, the game must be restarted if necessary.

When Settler 3 was founded, the computers were not as powerful as they are today. The number of settlers who transport goods is limited in Settlers 3 - obviously especially for coal. Every transporting settler must be able to be animated, his route calculated and his destination recorded. At that time computers probably showed their limits here in the development of the game, whereby the limitation arose.

With the Coal-Calculator, the Settlers 3 Community offers a tool to calculate when the coal bow could occur. You can find it here: https://coal.siedler3.net/

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