The aLobby development process


  1. A requirement, idea or an error is discovered in the aLobby.
  2. This is passed on to the aLobby developers via the Forum.
  3. They develop an adaptation of the aLobby source code based on the requirement.
  4. This adaptation is made available as a beta version to voluntary testers.
  5. If the testers still find a problem, the developers will adapt it accordingly.
  6. If everything is okay from the tester's point of view, a new release of the aLobby is published.


The process described above can take between a few days, weeks or even months depending on the availability of developers.

Besides the expression of concrete requirements or ideas from the community, the community team also has a list of topics that are being worked on. This includes the adaptation of the aLobby to the current technical state of the art to keep it running on new systems.

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