aLobby - Installation guide


  • Settler 3 should already be installed before the aLobby.
  • Your computer should meet the system requirements.
  • Apart from this manual, do not make any other settings on the files of the aLobby or the files of Settlers 3. The aLobby configures everything so that you should be ready to play immediately.
  • If you have installed a third-party firewall instead of the Windows firewall, you may have to make the settings listed here.
  • Make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card installed. This is important for the faultless operation of Settler 3.
  • Click on this link to register in aLobby and Forum.
  • After the registration process you will receive a download link to download the aLobby setup.
  • Run the downloaded aLobby setup and follow the instructions.
  • After successful installation start the aLobby and log in with your chosen nickname in the aLobby.
  • You will receive your VPN Key as soon as it is confirmed in step 1. You will be informed by e-mail.
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