Tetris is a small game in the aLobby for the break between the Settlers 3 games. Below you find the complete function description:

Should be clear: arrange the Tetrimino (the blocks) in such a way that you can remove as many rows as possible at once to reach as many points as possible.

The more rows are removed, the higher you climb in the level.

The higher the level, the higher the speed at which the Tetriminos fall.

The higher the level, the more points you get for removing rows.

  • There is a maximum of 15 levels.
  • F1 / Escape = Pause of the game
  • left arrow / number pad 4 = pushes the Tetrimino to the left
  • right arrow / number pad 6 = pushes the Tetrimino to the right
  • Arrow down / number pad 2 = soft drop (Tetrimino drops down a bit faster)
  • arrow up / X / numeric keypad 1 / numeric keypad 5 / numeric keypad 9 = Tetrimino turns clockwise
  • Arrow up + Ctrl / Y / Numeric keypad 3 / Numeric keypad 7 = Tetrimino turns counterclockwise
  • Space / Number pad 8 = hard drop (Tetrimino is docked immediately at the bottom)

The following data from each game will be transmitted to the Siedler3.net server and used there to output the Tetris highscore list:

  • Your nickname in the aLobby
  • the level reached
  • the achieved points
  • the number of rows of blocks removed
  • Duration of the game in seconds

The Tetris integrated in the aLobby is based on most rules of the The Tetris Company.

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