Which ports do I have to unlock on my firewall to play?

Please decide which situation applies to you on the following list:

  • You only have the Windows firewall on your computer you want to play with.
    • The aLobby already sets this firewall correctly for you during the installation, if the game was installed before installing the aLobby. Please keep in mind, that the Windows Firewall must be enabled for it to work.
  • You have a third-party firewall (Norton, ZoneAlarm ..) on the computer you want to play with.
    • Note the port information here.
    • Additionally the port 1900 (UDP) in the outgoing direction for the s3_alobby.exe must be blocked! Otherwise the error “Timeout while loading open games” will happen.
  • You have a firewall on the router.
    • Note the port information here.
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