Tournament mode of a tournament

As of December 2017, the following mode will be available for tournaments:

K. O-mode

  • The number of players must be equal to a power of two, i. e. 4,8,16,32 etc.
  • The minimum number of players is 4.
  • There is no maximum limit for the number of players.
  • Only 1vs1 games are played.
  • All registered players will be assigned an opponent for the first round by the person in charge of the tournament.
  • The games created in this way can be started via the aLobby.
  • After the end of each game, the result will be sent to the league system and evaluated for the tournament.
  • Every game must have a winner. The winner automatically enters the next round.
  • As soon as all the games in a round have been played, the tournament system will automatically put together the next pairings. The person in charge of the tournament cannot intervene and make adjustments.
  • The winner of the last round is automatically the winner of the tournament.
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