Rules for the Settlers 3 League


  • Every league game must be played via the aLobby.
  • Each player must agree to and act in accordance with the VPN rules of the aLobby.
  • Apart from the possibilities in the aLobby, each player is prohibited from using other technical aids which bring advantages in the game. These include car hotkeys, cheats, etc.
  • Each player undertakes to treat his fellow players fairly and to maintain a normal tone.
  • The Player acknowledges that automated processing may also cause problems, which may result in individual games not being correctly scored.

Registration and participation

  • When entering the first league game via the aLobby, each player must agree to the rules listed here.
  • In addition to the VPN rules of the aLobby, the player explicitly agrees that he will not create a second aLobby account.
  • The player agrees unreservedly to the course of a league game as well as all subsequent descriptions including the rating of games for the league.
  • The player may not change his nickname within the Settler 3 game. Changing the name in the Settler 3 game means that the entire game cannot be scored.
  • The rules here below do not define how a player in Settler 3 has to build up his or her structure. There is also no requirement regarding the rules to be agreed between the players.
  • The player confirms that he/she can be permanently excluded from the league and (depending on the severity of the offence) from the aLobby if he/she violates the provisions of these rules.


  • The player confirms that the e-mail address provided by him/her in the aLobby is correct and that he/she will check it regularly.
  • The player agrees that the Settlers 3 Community can inform him via e-mail about general and specific information about the league. The e-mail address from his or her registration in the aLobby will be used.
  • The player can also customize the email settings as described here.


  • The player will be able to organize tournaments independently within the bounds of the functions provided by the Settler 3 Community. The player agrees with the league conditions at the same time also thecourse of tournaments as well as all tournament descriptions.
  • The player agrees to abide by these rules and confirms that he/she will fulfil the obligations of the person in charge of a tournament.

Changes on the rules

  • Changes to the rules listed here by the responsible persons of the Settlers 3 Community are possible at any time. Any changes can be read at any time in the wiki here as well as in the forum.
  • The player commits himself/herself to regularly and independently reviewing the rules by checking the wiki page and the forum.
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