Settlers 3 Community Edition

The Community Edition was developed by JHNP727. The integration of this into the aLobby is currently in progress (as of April 2021).

  • Fixes various graphics rendering issues (DDERR errors)
  • Fixes various game crashes (e.g. freeze error, or quit SE)
  • Fixes some more game bugs (e.g. incorrect colors when loading a save with more than 16 players)
  • Fixes AI-related game de-syncs
  • Fixes memory related errors occuring later on in the game (e.g. the mine SE)
  • Updates the graphics rendering implementation allowing the game to run in fullscreen window mode and at custom resolutions (height currently limited to 900px)
  • Improves the in-game chat to include [All]/[Team] scope in the chat messages and more easily switch between team/all chat
  • Allows every player to adjust his/her default game settings (storage settings, weapon production, settler/good distributions, recruiting setting, in-game time setting)
  • Makes fighting sounds volume configurable independently of other sound settings
  • Extends the game's stats screen to add over time statistics for the different categories like soldiers, gold, mana, etc.
  • Game stats are now hidden when the game is prematurely left due to an error to prevent abuse of stats information when continuing from a save
  • Persists unit-groups across saves
  • Auto-save is automatically enabled for the host
  • Adds new optional game modes that alter various aspects of the game logic and can be chosen by the host of a game in the pre-game lobby
  • The game information about joined players or available spots is now more reliable.
  • When hosting a game without Amazons or “Economy Mode”, these settings can be chosen from the game's own dialog and will not be chosen in the aLobby dialog anymore. The option to navigate to the mini-chat has been removed. After completing all the desired settings, hosts can click “Continue” to make the game visible in the aLobby client.
  • A new option to configure the resolution of the game has been added (currently limited to max. 900 pixels in height for compatibility reasons).
  • Statistic screenshots at the moment do not mark the player who took the screenshot anymore.

If the game is hosted with the classic Gold edition, you can join with both a Classic client and a Community Edition client. However, when the game is hosted with the Community Edition, you can only join if you have the Community Edition yourself.

It will be included in the next aLobby beta version. But be careful: it is a proverbial beta and may therefore contain bugs. We recommend installing a stable aLobby version in parallel so that you can continue to play.

After installing the beta version, you have to select the version you want in the aLobby settings and then restart aLobby.

Translations in the game can be stored as PO files. Details: https://www.siedler3.net/new-version-translations-needed-t10425.html

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