The red loving forester

This article is about how to persuade a forester to plant more trees. Each cultivating and decomposing/cutting building in settlers 3 has a catchment area.

If you look at the forester's cultivating practice, you will unfortunately recognize, that he doesn't care, if there's enough place for new trees in the green area. He starts planting there, but after finishing his work in one colour area he switches to the next higher. Only when the red circle is cultivated, he goes back to continue his work in the green one. This leads to long ways to and fro and less planted trees, which could be chopped.

If you set 2 foresters surrounded by 4 woodcutters as followed, you'll produce 3,76 wooden boards per minute.

If you set buildings or stopped construction areas into the orange or red part of the growing area, the forester will skip those circles, because there no trees will be planted. The orange and red parts within the forrest are cultivated by the two foresters alternately while they are cultivating the yellow circle.

This option delivers even 4,083 wooden boards per minute.

But the most productive model is to reset the forester's growing area exactly on the same spot, when again more than 3 trees were chopped in the green circle and so more space for new trees was created. Then the forester renews his routine in the green area. A stopping of the forester doesn't cause this effect. After his reactivation he goes on planting in the recently used colour circle. The output of this model is 4,3 wooden boards per minute.

The woodcutters show the same behaviour. It wouldn't be amiss to change the growing areas from time to time.

author: maximilius

translated by: arielle62

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